Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Why The News Doesn't Make Sense

The 2012 Olympics, as every human being with access to a television or newspaper or radio knows, is being held in London in less than two weeks time. A few months ago there were news reports going wild about how strict London was being with security, some even suggesting they were going a bit over the top. 


However now the media has changed its tune and decided that security is lax and there aren't enough guards to keep London safe etc. But what really puzzles me is that they are publicising this!


How does that make sense in any way? To anyone with half a brain cell, a reporter living near to London reporting to the world about how there's no security and that it's a massive worry makes no sense. Broadcasting the Olympics shortcomings is just advertising terrorists or nutjobs to come and bomb or attack the Olympics. 

They should have kept their security problems a secret and told everyone about it afterwards. I don't understand the media at all.

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