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The exchange rate refers to the values ​​of the currencies of the two countries against each other. Any currency
the type of the type, it is in accordance with the level of supply and demand in foreign or free
The currency of the country in which the currency belongs belongs to the market by buying money from the market or
it can be determined within the framework of its interventions.
In international markets, each currency has a generally accepted symbol. The symbols of some currencies are:
Based on these symbols, a symbol of each exchange rate is also formed. Each exchange rate symbol
Contains 6 characters. The first three characters are one of the currency pair, the other three characters represent another pair of currency pairs.
For example, the euro to the US dollar is called the EUR / USD (or EURUSD).
Basic Concepts of Forex
In FX transactions, the market participant who trades at exchange rates and trades at these exchange rates
na called the market maker (market maker). Approximately 20% of world banks market market transactions
has played a constructive role. Approximately 60% of the total transactions in financial markets are performed by market makers such as these banks.
Participants who perform their commercial transactions on the value determined in the market
user (market user).
The exchange rate and the related fiction are as follows:
USD / CHF = 1.3450 / 60 (or 1.3450 - 1.3460)
Such spellings can be purchased with the Swiss franc at US $ 1.3460 and at 1.3450
means that you can sell. Buying a value of 1.3450 in the same way market value (Bid), buying the value of 1.3460
(Ask) is called fyati. Pip value is the smallest rate of change seen in foreign exchange price.
For example: The rise in the exchange rate from 1.3450 to 1.3455 indicates a 5 pips change.
However, in some applications, there are not 5 but 4 digits after the point. In these cases, the
takes points or points. www.investaz.com.tr
For example, the foreign exchange rate increased from 1.34528 to 1.34572 and 44 points in points
Indicates an increase of 4.4 pips.
Spread - The difference between purchase and sale is: 1.3460 - 1.3450 = 10 pips.
In FX transactions, the standard bank spread may vary from 5 pips to 10 pips.
Big Figure - is a 100 pip change of prices.
For example: 1.3460 to 1.3560.
Hedge - is a system of protection against loss risks by taking positions at different exchange rates.
Forex Growth in Turkey:
As the households of our recent history during the high en ’asion periods,
we have shown great interest in gold and foreign to protect our revenues and savings. Physical and
Perhaps most of us did not know that the gold and foreign exchange transactions we performed without leverage were called FX. FX operations despite energy, time, high cost and storage defects
has an important place in our socio-economic identity.
In parallel with the rapidly growing technological developments in the 21st century, FX
we met. The FX market, which was initially demanded for a limited period, reached serious figures in a short period of time where policy makers could not be indifferent. Thus, as of 31.08.2011, the FX market was decided by the Capital Markets Board (CMB).
has been bound by some standard criteria with the authority to regulate and control. Investors' guarantees
Takasbank has been taken under the guarantee. FX service only in CMB-licensed brokerage houses as of 2011
Employees are granted by CMB license. The FX market transactions in Turkey as of January 2014
volume is close to USD 250 billion.9


Forex and brokerage activities of intermediaries in small and medium-volume investment in those who have Forex
It was possible to participate in the market. Entered with an investment of 2-3 thousand dollars from many parts of the world
FX markets can be traded through intermediary institutions in a few times that amount.
For example: the leverage ratio of 1: 10 applied to the investment amount of $ 15,000 is up to $ 150,000.
allow the transaction to be made. In other words, only 10% of the total transaction volume
process. By means of leverage within the scope of intermediary activities of intermediary institutions
FX transactions are called in leveraged trading gerçekleştiril.
Leveraged operation; in accordance with the orders imposed by the brokerage houses and in accordance with the orders issued by the client for FX operation.
aims to meet the possibility of any risk in the transactions performed. This system,
sometimes 5, sometimes 10 times the amount of the main investment held as collateral against potential risks
allows for high volume processing.
The customer gains the right to trade over the amount in the account with the collateral deposited by the lever. After signing a contract with the intermediary institution, the client can operate using leverage.
An amount from the client account of the intermediary institution against the damage caused by the transactions made by the customer
allocate money as collateral. The amount of money allocated as collateral to the customer and the leverage ratio
depends on the volume of transactions made.
For example: If the customer is considering making a FX transaction of $ 500,000
In addition, only 500.000 / 10 = 50.000 dollars should be allocated as transaction guarantee. If customer 1: 5 leverage
If it uses, then it should allocate 500.000 / 5 = 100.000 dollars as a transaction guarantee in FX account.
If the customer has suffered losses as a result of the foreign exchange purchase / sale, the total loss shall be
the amount falls. Conversely, if the transaction is profit, the total profit is transferred to the customer's account.
One of the important requirements of the leveraged trading system is to close the damaging positions in time.
It is rarely seen in the FX market that any currency has lost more than 2% of its money against other currencies. Therefore, if the transactions are done by analyzing,
damage is practically impossible.
If the loss of the transactions exceeds the amount of the customer's account, the
it can switch off the position even without damage.
Yatırım The leveraged trading system applied in the FX market is both large investors and small investment
provides attractive conditions for employees. Investment opportunities in other fnans markets are so easy
It is not. "
For example: US Treasury Bonds are an investment that provides a very safe and stable income (an average of 3% a year).
although it is an intermediary, a very high lower limit has been determined to invest in this market and
long-term planning of the investment. Investments in companies' shares www.investaz.com.tr
The profit rate of these companies 'annual balance sheets and other investors' stocks show these stocks
the other is linked to demand. In the FX market, there are no restrictions. So everyone
can participate in the market from all over the world, according to the estimates of foreign exchange price movements
trading, and most importantly, in the calculation of only 1-3% volume of transaction volume
can separate.


1. Capital (Fund) Markets
· Stocks
· Bond notes
· Company and treasury bonds
The reasons that make the stock investment attractive:
· Share of dividends
· Opportunity to participate in company management
· Speculative earning opportunities
2. Money Markets
· International Exchange Network Prices (Forex)
· Repo-reverse repo transactions
Forex trading reasons:
· 5/24 market access
· Electronic trading platform
· Two-way processing
· Opportunity to handle high volume transactions with small collaterals with leveraged advantage
Low cost99
www.investaz.com.t is
FX Market; (Foreign Exchange Market or Forex) from banks to brokerage houses, fnans organizations
up to individual investors on predetermined terms (fyat,
time, volume) refers to the sum of the foreign exchange purchase transactions. General of the FX market
private banks, central banks, exchange exchanges, companies engaged in international trade
and investment funds.
The most commonly used currency in the Forex market
(USD), Euro (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Swiss Franc (CHF) and British Pound (GBP).
In 1998, it reached US $ 1.982 trillion in global currency trading, namely the Forex market.
The daily trading volume has increased to $ 4 trillion today. The largest trading volumes UK,
It takes place in USA and Germany markets. 70% of total transactions are made in US Dollars. Today, 11% of the total FX transactions are provided by the brokerage services provided in electronic environment.
It is performed.
Forex combines 4 regional markets; Asia, Europe, America and Australia. FX transactions every weekday job
24 hours a day. Transactions in different time zones
Thanks to investors, FX market investors are always available to perform their orders.
The relatively low volume in the Forex market is only seen between 24.00 and 04.00 at night.
This evening recession TSI (Turkey time) and TS closing hours of the session at 24.00 in New York Stock Exchange
Starting from 04.00 on the stock exchange on the Tokyo stock exchange
FX market participants; central banks, foreign exchange exchanges, mutual funds, international trade companies,
brokerage houses and private individuals.
Ilar For both new market entry and professional investors due to the Forex market
It is attractive. "
Forex is a liquid market. The daily total trading volume on the market is very large, so you can trade in large volumes.
Forex is a market where all investors can participate. This market you want 24 hours a day
when you can do the transaction and have to react immediately to any improvement in the market
You do not.
You can join the market online and manage your account. FX market transactions via internet
computer, phone and tablet. FX transactions for a specific term for the future
and fyat, which allows Forex participants to plan their transactions in advance.
gives the opportunity.
The transaction is carried out with the appropriate amount of investment. The principal you invested in the Forex market using leverage
You can perform a large volume of operations a few times. Moreover, these operations
The cost will be the difference between the buying / selling price of the exchange rate.
Foreign exchange rates are the same everywhere. Thanks to the high liquidity feature of the market,
FX transactions are performed in one place. However, futures exchanges and similar
You can only trade in limited quantities on the same market in many markets.
Price movements can be predicted. Changes in foreign exchange rates over time
and you can examine these trend changes at desired time intervals. Each exchange rate affects different factors, so each currency chart follows a special line. Taking advantage of this, investors
exchange rates according to the exchange rate can take the opportunity to profit.
Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, Union Bank of Switzerland, City Bank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Standard
Giant banks such as Chartered Bank performs billions of dollar transactions in this market. Spot market
transactions are foreign exchange transactions and delivery (valuation) of such transactions
is the next working day. According to 1998 data, 40% of all FX transactions in Forex were realized in spot markets.
FX transactions between banks are generally carried out in large volumes. But less investment
Forex participants can also benefit from the opportunities in the FX market using leverage effect.
Means of service with leverage

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Perfect Novel...

Picture taken from here

A really interesting read! I'd love to see an infograph done about the biggest selling novels/best rated novels of all time.

What do you think makes a perfect novel?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Moti... Motiv.... Motivati... Motivation!

I really need to get myself sorted, it's getting quite bad. I've started writing three big stories now, three possible novels, and each time I write so many words and get bored of it, realise it's so bad I can no longer continue, and give up.

This is my third or fourth attempt and so far it's getting better. I've done proper characterisation, I've got a good supporting cast, a setting, a theme, a moral, a plot...

But still, something's trying to get me to press 'delete' on everything I've got and start over.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Review: Feeder's "Generation Freakshow"

Feeder are an amazing band that have been around for 21 years, and I got this album after seeing them live at Leeds festival. Even then, I knew I'd love the album. Even the songs I didn't know, I enjoyed. I couldn't fault their performance, and they seemed like really nice people too. I got "Generation Freakshow" and with Buck Rogers, Feeling a Moment and Just a Day (to name a few) in my mind, I listened to the album...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Review: Total Recall

I'm going to start off by saying I haven't seen the original of this, but after watching the remake I don't think I'll bother either.

One of the most superficial films I have ever seen. If the film makers had spent less time trying to recreate the setting of Blade Runner and had instead focused their attention on writing a less cheesy script, creating characters with actual personalities and giving the story a reason to exist, it would have made for a really good film.

Instead what we have is a shell of a movie that fails to leave an impression at all. Entirely watchable the first time round, if only to have the twists ironed out and to see how it ends, but I would never watch this again. 

Everything looks amazing, the actors are good looking, the setting is perfect (even though it's copied), the futuristic devices are impressive, but that's where it ends. Nothing has depth beyond the surface. 

Kate Beckinsale was poorly cast. I love her, she plays a great bad-ass in movies and is a believable tough girl but in this film *SPOILER* her overly-posh English accent and predictable lines make her out as a characteur of an evil villain from an old James Bond film. Jessica Beil's character cries a lot. Colin Farrell's character is apparently a shadow of his former self, and they talk about how great he used to be and I ended up wishing he had a personality transplant just to make him a bit more interesting.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend this film. 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Review: The Big Lebowski

In my last post I mentioned how I like to research films after I watch them. This one was no different, apart from the fact I ended up Googling it before it had finished just to stave off some boredom. I was surprised to read it is a 'cult classic'. Why?!

I had really high hopes and big expectations for "The Dude" but the film failed me horribly.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

The Importance of Theme in Story Writing

I'll be honest. In the past few weeks I've been suffering with a serious case of writer's block. I planned out this series of books and wrote about ten thousand words before I came down with it.

I had some ideas, not great ones or bad ones, but some ideas. I wrote a few stories for my Burrst. It was getting anything longer than a few hundred words and worthwhile down on paper, or Word, that was the problem. The more I couldn't write, the more agitated I got, the more agitated I got, the less I could write. Then...

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Review: The Bone Collector

I have this weird quirk where I have to research a film after I've watched it, ASAP. Sometimes to understand the plot better, to find out which actors were in it, what critical reception it got, whether a sequel is likely...

For The Bone Collector, it completely shocked me when I looked the film up that not everyone loved it as much as me, and it got mostly bad reviews. Did people actually sit down and watch this absolutely classic film?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Review: The Possession

The Possession is the first horror film I've seen at the cinema since Paranormal Activity 3 (I can't wait for the next one coming out soon!) and I was a little bit dubious. Horror films seem to be so cliche these days that it's barely worth watching them, as you know exactly what kind of storyline they will follow...


The exchange rate refers to the values ​​of the currencies of the two countries against each other. Any currency the type of the type, it i...