Sunday, 18 March 2012

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Resident Evil

Before I forget, I watched Resident Evil for the first time last night and although I guiltily enjoyed it, the plot holes were SO MASSIVELY HUGE it was unreal.

Such as the S.T.A.R.S, supposedly a specially trained government team of gunmen, fighting this like steroid injected zombie with loads of armour on, apart from it's face for some reason. So they obviously shoot continuously at it's armoured, bulletproof chest instead of going for it's head, which as everyone who's ever played a zombie video game knows, are a zombie's weak point!

In one scene the protagonists are walking through a graveyard (when you're already scared of the undead, why not wander through the scariest place imaginable?) and suddenly ALL of the dead people buried for however many years spring up at the same time as the undead. In the film they say it's a virus, but how would the dead get an infection buried six feet under? Even if from some strange virus did infect the dead (impossible) how would they all get infected at the exact same time and manage to claw their way through a coffin and tonnes of soil at the same time?

Not even going into detail about Mila's character being able to spring and leap around tens of feet in the air, or be able to fight zombies in hand-to-hand combat without getting a scratch that has a chance of soaking up their deadly virus.

If you can somehow switch your brain off entirely and ignore the stupidest overlookings by the writer ever, it is actually quite an enjoyable, action packed film. Worth a watch, I guess. What do you think?

Jess x