Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Review: The Possession

The Possession is the first horror film I've seen at the cinema since Paranormal Activity 3 (I can't wait for the next one coming out soon!) and I was a little bit dubious. Horror films seem to be so cliche these days that it's barely worth watching them, as you know exactly what kind of storyline they will follow...

The first twenty minutes of build up.
The catalyst into scary territory. 
A slow build up of suspense and horrific events occurring.
The main character realising what's going on.
The main character being persecuted and isolated.
The scariness getting more intense.
A showdown between good and evil, human and non-human.
Potentially a death of a Spear Shaker character or potentially the death of a lesser Marquee character.
Happy ending, OR IS IT?! (Because perhaps the creators would like to drag it out for a few more films to make some more money...)

Although The Possession isn't particularly unique and the whole broken home thing has been done a million times as a way for the main characters to reconnect or whatever, and the story is completely transparent, it's very enjoyable!

I liked how unique the 'catalyst' is in this film, and how well acted it was. Seriously, the main girl is amazing. The dad isn't too bad either, just a bit over the top on occasion. And too similar looking to Javier Bardem. The Jewish guy in the film was great and the least dramatic of them all, definitely my favourite character.

One plot hole is *SPOILER* that they have this annoying step-dad figure called Brett. The possessed daughter makes his teeth fall out so he stumbles into his car and reverses away at top speed. Then, he's never heard of again! We never get any closure, they just fall back in love without a single thought to poor, toothless Brett driving around the streets with blood coming out of his gums like there's no tomorrow. I need closure!

I would recommend this film to those going with a group of friends for the fun of it, for those wanting to turn their brains off and have a good scare, and those going on a date as a reason to cuddle up to their partner. 

I'll probably never watch it again but it was good while it lasted.