Sunday, 16 September 2012

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Review: Feeder's "Generation Freakshow"

Feeder are an amazing band that have been around for 21 years, and I got this album after seeing them live at Leeds festival. Even then, I knew I'd love the album. Even the songs I didn't know, I enjoyed. I couldn't fault their performance, and they seemed like really nice people too. I got "Generation Freakshow" and with Buck Rogers, Feeling a Moment and Just a Day (to name a few) in my mind, I listened to the album...
It didn't disappoint.

The best new album I have heard since Foo Fighter's "Wasting Light" from 2011. This is my album of the year. I don't like most mainstream music as it's all kind of dance and bland, but this is amazing.

I can't fault a single song, they're all hope-filled songs that are catchy and upbeat apart from one or two slower songs that are still enjoyable to listen to. 

A few highlights from the album are "Idaho" "Borders" (it features my name and I can really identify with the lyrics!) and "In All Honesty".

Ambiguous lyrics and easy-to-enjoy chords are a perfect combo for Feeder, who show no signs of slowing down which can only be a good thing if this album is a taster of more things to come.

Definitely worth a listen, give them a try on Youtube!

I can't wait for their next album, a very talented band that I like to like.