Thursday, 20 September 2012

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Moti... Motiv.... Motivati... Motivation!

I really need to get myself sorted, it's getting quite bad. I've started writing three big stories now, three possible novels, and each time I write so many words and get bored of it, realise it's so bad I can no longer continue, and give up.

This is my third or fourth attempt and so far it's getting better. I've done proper characterisation, I've got a good supporting cast, a setting, a theme, a moral, a plot...

But still, something's trying to get me to press 'delete' on everything I've got and start over.


Or lack of, to be more precise.

When I should be writing, I find a plethora of other things I could be doing. I signed up to Pintrest, Imgur, Burrst, Daily Mail, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Angry Birds...

It's ridiculous!

I'm wondering where down the line writing stopped being a fun task to take my mind off things, to becoming work.

From someone who doesn't like sleep because it wastes too much time, wasting so much time on pointless websites is starting to grate. I enjoy being busy!

So I'm going to get motivated. Writing shouldn't be a chore, I love writing!

Time to reignite the spark! I'm going to set myself a timetable and stick to it.

I'm going to finish this story.


Who's with me?!