Tuesday, 31 July 2012

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Feedback from Readers

One of my favourite things about writing (apart from the obvious - actually writing...) is getting feedback! Knowing that someone has read through your work, and liked it enough to say something nice is really wonderful. Every ebook I read I try to remember to comment about it, as I think everyone deserves a confidence boost at regular intervals....

On the Burrst site I've mentioned before I feel bad reading someone's work and not commenting on it, even if it's to say how I thought it could be improved.

If you've ever had a compliment before, you know the feeling. An awkward, blushing buzz you get. If everyone aimed to compliment as much as they could (you know, up and not beyond levels of seeming like a  weirdo on drugs) then I think everyone would be more encouraged to work as hard as they could. Gaining recognition and praise for something you're passionate about is a really great thing.

So if I read your work, be prepared for me to give feedback, bad or good.

And probably - definitely - beyond levels of seeming like a weirdo on drugs.

Jess x