Saturday, 28 July 2012

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I think everyone knows about the tragic shooting in Aurora by now, during the screening of Batman. So, so sad.

Hans Zimmer has released a song, titled "Aurora", which is truly haunting and beautifully sad. If you want to listen, the link is

Also on there is a link to donate,

I read in the news that Christian Bale went to see those that had been in the shooting, and I found that a great  thing for him to do. Some people were campaigning for him to visit them dressed as Batman, which honestly I didn't understand. He didn't even alert the media.

Another article I read was about how three couples had gone to see the film, and the men had sacrificed themselves to protect their girlfriends by shielding them with their bodies. All three were young couples, the oldest being 27. I find that so heroic, to be in such a stressful and immediate situation and the first thought of those young men being to protect their girlfriends rather than finding safety for themselves.

It's nice that those involved with the making of Batman have been doing so much for those involved in the shooting. It gives you hope in humanity that when tragedies happen, people do care. I hope that whoever committed this crime is rightfully punished and that the families of those involved and the survivors aren't forgotten about and that they find peace. Such a horrible, needless event.