Saturday, 23 June 2012

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How To Make A Free Video Teaser Trailer for Your eBooks Using Windows Movie Maker

I've decided to make a video trailer for my most popular ebook, Salvatore, to hopefully gain a few more readers. It's an interesting idea that I've never properly considered before. I posted it to my ebook's Smashwords page (<- click there if you'd like to see it) last night, and I’ll let you know how successful it is as a marketing tool.

If you want to make your own video, here are some tips you should consider while planning to make it as professional and effective as possible, and my own example to help you along...

Target Audience

Who is your book aimed at? Which age/gender/location/career etc.?

When you know who you are writing for, you can create a video that will capture their attention. If you write horror books for adults, make sure your ebook trailer is full of suspense music, dark pictures and creepy text. If it's a romance, fill it with heart-warming text, tinkling piano music, maybe a few (copyright free) pictures of couples in love.

To Begin Your Video

The main things needed in a successful video will be: 

1. Background music. 

    Obviously the background music can't be anything copyrighted. That means probably disregarding any music you have in your iTunes playlist, unless you happen to be very creative and compose your own music. 

2. Text.

    For your video, text is (in my opinion) the most important tool. In your video you can use it for:
  - A summary of the plot
  - Share reviews of the ebook
  - Links/places to download/buy your book
  - Ratings/number of downloads/units sold/figures/charts
  - Persuasive language 

Remember to include all the important information about your ebook either in the video or in the description box, like your pen name (real or not) your ebook's title (of course) and where it's available for download.

3. Images

   The photos (again) have to be loyalty free. The best place I find photographs and pictures is, and using the advanced search you can make sure the only photos you search for are available for creative use and mainstream distribution. Double check with individual photos and their copyright rules though, just in case. 


Edit as much as you can. Try to take out anything unneccessary.
Try to get a second opinion for your video to make sure there's no timing or spelling errors you haven't noticed.
Make it memorable, and as 'you' as possible. I wouldn't suggest going on Youtube and copying frame-for-frame someone else's trailer!
Have fun!
Remember, whatever kind of ebook you have written, make your video trailer an appropriate length (usually around 30 seconds to a minute), professional, persuasive and informative. No pressure then...

Good luck and happy editing!

If you have any problems or anything you would like to ask about video trailers for ebooks, comment below or drop me an email at

As an example, here's the trailer I made for my free ebook Salvatore in just less than an hour:

Let me know what you think!