Sunday, 24 June 2012

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Is Location Important For Aspiring Authors?

So I live in the UK, in England. Something I've been wondering for a while is, does location matter when you're trying to be an author?

The stereotypical author is supposed to pack up their things, move to London, begin writing on their laptop in Starbucks sipping a low-fat-skinny-frappucinolattemocchianoato, get a deal from a publisher and live happily ever after as the next Stephen King or J. K. Rowling.

Why is that? Surely today with everyone having access to email and post and good transport links, having your manuscript seen isn't about living near to the publishing houses?

Or is it maybe about when they recieve your manuscript and see that you live in some shoddy small town up North, and turn their noses up at what they imagine you to be like?

So perhaps living in a big city near to the publishers shows that you have determination and belief in yourself, that you are willing to move house just so your return address looks professional?

Why should authors have to uproot themselves and find a new place to live just so publishers don't think you aren't a serious writer with massive amounts of ambition?

What do you think?