Saturday, 17 March 2012

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Salvatore: Book Two


Teaser chapter...

“So to try and outsmart the Elites you thought you would just give yourselves nicknames? Is that it? You actually thought the intelligence of the Elites would be beaten by two childish nicknames? We have never intercepted such letters of treason before, until you were here. What does this say? It points to the obvious fact that you are guilty!” Anna screeched at Alexa, who was sat in a chair opposite, tied at the wrists and sweating profusely.
She knew she had to pick her words carefully; one wrong move and Anna would call for her to be killed as at traitor. Whether or not she was actually guilty didn’t seem to matter, Anna seemed to have already decided she had been receiving letters from Thamheil, conspiring the fall of the Elites.
“I don’t know what letter you’re talking about! We’ve been here a few weeks and honestly there’s been nothing to give me reason to send ‘letters of treason’ to Thamheil. I know who the Thamheil are, but I’d never even heard of them before I came here. They are dark wizards who are trying to overthrow the Elites and gain control of the Kingdom. Why would I ever want to send letters to them?” Her question hung in the air, while Anna’s large eyes blinked a few times in what appeared to be slight shock.
“Perhaps you feel undervalued? Do you feel being a student is below your standards as a competition winner? You thought that if you sent coded letters to Thamheil and they ruined the Elites in just the right way, you could just slip in and become the Elite’s Commander? Obviously murder and killing people isn’t beneath you, a few sacrifices for your power wouldn’t be too much of a loss.” Smirking at Alexa’s upset face, she continued. “You weren’t initiated into the Elites the normal way. Are you too special to work your way to power, like the rest of us? Traitors aren’t taken to nicely in the King’s army. I, especially, enjoy... justice.” The way ‘justice’ hung dangerously in the air sent shivers down Alexa’s spine.
Xander, a giant of a man, silent, sinister and partially hidden in the shadows of the concrete cell Alexa was currently being interrogated in, stepped forward and cracked his knuckles. From the time she had been at the Elites camp, Alexa had realised Xander and Anna were a team. Xander never spoke a single word or even acknowledged the presence of anyone other than the Commander and Anna. They didn’t wear rings but she would have sworn they were married, or at least ‘together’.
Addressing the room, Anna yelled, “Leave us! Everyone but Xander has three seconds to get out of this cell or gods help me I will have you all executed for disrupting our investigation.” The team of four soldiers that had been gathered around Alexa in case she tried to escape all left in a flurry of clanking swords. 
“Now we have a few moments to ourselves...” Anna smiled ominously, and Alexa’s hairs stood on end. She felt like this could be the end, and she wished for nothing more than a chance to see Rocco again. In her mind, she said goodbye and hoped her death would come quickly. Knowing Anna wouldn’t leave her alone until she had given her some solid proof she was a traitor, she braced herself for a long night of pain. She cursed at how unlucky she was to have been given a second chance at life just to be tortured to death for being a traitor. As a way to distract herself, she began to relive the events that had her trapped in the cold and dark cell she was now trapped in.

That's the first teaser chapter of the sequel to Salvatore, make sure to keep your eyes peeled on my Smashwords page for updates!

Anna and Xander are definitely important characters for the second book for Alexa, they change her and make her become more mature and realise the world isn't fair. Salvatore: Book Two will deal with more issues in Alexa's life, like death and her parents and relationships, not only with love interests but with family and friends.

Only 22,000 more words to go!

Jess x