Sunday, 18 March 2012

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I absolutely love NCIS! Spent the last hour trying to think ahead and guess the plot but it's no use. I always wonder how they write the storyline for those things. It's always the same, they find the murder, think they know why it happened/who did it, they find a crucial piece of information, they reevaluate, they catch the killer.
The murders are always so complicated, do they work backwards? They must start with a basic murder then build a web of intricacy around it for NCIS to work out piece by piece. I don't know, but it's really great watching.
The episode I just finished, Tony and Ziva have to pretend to be a married spy couple, fuelling the will they/won't they thing they have going on with pretend sex, to overthrow a murderer wanted in five different countries. Great stuff! Love seeing those two arguing and flirting!

Anyway, comment below with your opinions, what's better, CSI (any type) or NCIS?

Jess x