Friday, 14 September 2012

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Review: The Big Lebowski

In my last post I mentioned how I like to research films after I watch them. This one was no different, apart from the fact I ended up Googling it before it had finished just to stave off some boredom. I was surprised to read it is a 'cult classic'. Why?!

I had really high hopes and big expectations for "The Dude" but the film failed me horribly.

Don't get me wrong, the film is watchable. The characters are unique and funny but the storyline is totally ridiculous and completely drawn out for far too long. In comedies the plot usually requires you to switch off and enjoy it without thinking too much about how unrealistic it is, but that's because the plot is funny and worthwhile in its own way. This one, however, just kept going "oops, something went wrong, go to this guy. Oops, nope, go to that guy."

If the characters, all of them, had been written into a better story I would have loved it. The Dude is great and you know you want him as your friend in real life, and his angry best mate couldn't be faulted for his acting, but I felt they were let down.

I might try watching it again, but chances are I probably won't.