Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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I've been so busy recently I've barely written a word, whether it be for my ongoing story or Burrst or Blogger and I hate it.

But I'm back now with a lot to tell you.

I came back from Leeds Festival, the greatest music festival in the world (and coincidentally the only one I've ever been to) on Monday.

I've never had such an amazing five days.

I saw the Foo Fighters, my all time favourite band since 2004 and the BEST band at Leeds ever, an amazing band called Feeder from almost the front row, Florence and the Machine as crazy as she is, Billy Talent as hyperactive as he is, Azealia Banks for one song, Young Guns though I'd never heard of them before they were pretty good and Paramore who were actually quite epic.

"Tinny o'clock" was the time (meaning, in English, grab an alcoholic beverage in a can and drink it, chaps) was from 9am til 5am every day. Barbecues weren't my forte (see below) and toilets without a flush should be made illegal.

Anyway I'd seriously suggest if you've never been to a music festival - go! Especially those ones you have to camp in a tent for. Give me Leeds Fest over going abroad any day. Absolutely epic.

Then yesterday, Tuesday, was my nineteenth birthday. So I'll have to change my bios on everything now, annoyingly. I ate about a bazillion and one cakes, cupcakes, sweets. All I'm getting for my birthday is an excess of calories but such is life and it's worth it.

Today I had an interview at college for a part time course I want to do this year, to get into university next year. To do English, of course. No idea how that went so fingers crossed still for that.

So now I've bored you to tears with my life, tally ho!