Wednesday, 11 July 2012

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My First Sale!

I am SO happy!

For anyone that's visited my Smashword's page, you'll have realised that all my ebooks are free. They've all got a decent amount of downloads (from my last check I'm still not J K Rowling!) but I like writing and I'd happily always do it for free.


I have another account on Smashwords for other work. I made the mistake of telling my family that I have ebooks out and they read them sometimes too and I feel uncomfortable even writing swear words knowing that my nana might end up reading it, so I made a new account under a different name.

As they might also read this (I have no idea how much time they have on their hands) I won't say what it is.

But, I've had my first sale for an ebook on that account, yay! To know that someone liked reading it enough to actually spend money on it is a real buzz. Attracting positive feedback will always be a much bigger accomplishment but it makes me happy that people think that my work's at least decent.

Happy writing everyone :D