Sunday, 3 June 2012

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Independent Author

I've just published my sixth book, Paradise in the Forest. Then I realised something.

I never realised quite how hard it would be to get known for my ebooks. I have 6 so far and although the download number keeps creeping slowly up for people downloading it on the Smashwords website, I don't know how to get it known on the more well known sites like Apple or Barnes & Noble.

I love writing and even if I get one review I know someone has taken the time to read my story, and as long as I have a story to tell I'll write it, it would just be quite gratifying to know that a few people have read and enjoyed my stories because they can take days or weeks to write.

The biggest buzz of writing is seeing the finished piece, all ready to go to be released onto the internet. That's the best. To know I've fully completed something is a real achievement for someone as whimsical as me.
To find out the best ways to get 'known' I'm going to turn to my best friend Google and see if it has anything to offer...

Let me know if you have any good ideas or techniques you have used yourself!

Jess x